Alexis Alexander offers dynamic, energetic presentations of his acclaimed children’s book series, Friendly Fables. His main program element is geared toward students in the K-3 level, but Alexis has a secondary offering for older primary students (4-6) that inspires them to write, create and become budding authors themselves!

Alexis starts his school visit with three 30 minute storytelling sessions for primary students (K-3). The goal of each presentation is to engage with young and emerging readers through whimsical yet relatable tales. Each story features experiences that children can connect with on an age-appropriate emotional and intellectual level, from a first trip to the zoo to a hospital visit. There are milestones, challenges and sometimes, a bit of the extraordinary!

"Alexis Alexander recently visited my kids school and WOW!! My kids got off the bus with so much to say about their amazing day. They loved all of the animated stories Alexis read to them. He was funny and engaging - my kids felt inspired themselves to write about their own family experiences! As a mom, I'm thrilled with their new interest in reading and writing. Big thanks to Alexis and everyone at Friendly Fables!"
- Crystal Leebody - Parent, Grade 5 and 2

Each session involves a visual presentation as well as a book reading. Our team will provide take-home items from Friendly Fables (such as magnets and stickers) for all children to enjoy. A list of discussion questions and creative writing exercises is provided to teachers to encourage continued conversation and engagement in the classroom. All we require from the school is a working projector and screen. Alexis is able to work with small or large groups, but less than 200 students at a time is ideal for optimal engagement and interaction.

More of what people are saying about Alexis's school performances:

"Alexis Alexander recently visited our school and provided an engaging and animated experience for several classes from kindergarten to grade 6. Students were excited about his work and inspired to write their own stories to be published after his visit!"
- Cristina Byrom, Good Shepherd C.S

"Alexis is a wonderful storyteller. His book series is heartwarming with positive messages and lessons for students. I would highly recommend you have him read for your school."
- Laura Hogan, Principal, R.H Cornish P.S

"Alexis asked the students questions that were engaging and thought-provoking. It was a fantastic experience for my students."
- Tanya Buller, Lakeside P.S

"We had the pleasure of having Alexis come to our school and share his stories with our primary division. Alexis was not only ENTERTAINING but kept the attention of all the children with his stories, animation and questions. He was phenomenal and an absolute joy to have as a guest. Alexis also took the time to work with our Junior and Intermediate divisions with creative writing and was so popular with the students that they felt they too could be authors. Alexis is a captivating speaker that entertains all ages, levels and grades."
- Sonja Speare FDK – Holy Family C.S.


2.5 hours (five 30 minute sessions)
Full day session (5 hours)


$120 for set of 12 (30% discount given to schools for library purchases)