Hi there, my name is Alexis - a father and author of the Friendly Fables children’s book series. My stories and music are popular with school-aged kids across Canada and the United States. Just recently, I hit over 70,000 views on YouTube!

I offer an exciting storytelling and children’s rap performance that I wish to share with your school.

"Your students will be talking about this performance for days, it’s amazing!"
- Paola Ragone, RECE, YMCA Toronto

We start by reading some heartwarming stories from my Friendly Fables series. These books include tales about animals, friendship and the importance of learning. We then get the children up and dancing with songs from our Rap-a-Long album, from The Dinosaur Rap to Unicorns and Rainbows. Each song has a simple dance routine we teach the children to get them engaged and moving! The performance is broken into two 50 minute sessions for older and younger students. The recommended age range is Kindergarten to Grade 4.

I have performed at over 50 schools and childcare centres including: Lakeside P.S, Carruthers Creek P.S., R.H Cornish P.S., Holy Family C.S., Whitby Shore P.S., Captain Michael VandenBos P.S., Good Shepherd C.S., Sir John. A MacDonald and Williamsburg P.S., Lord Elgin P.S, Sunset Heights P.S., Bellwoods P.S., Walter E. Harris P.S., Gandatsetiagon P.S. and Helping Hands Children’s Centres.

Thank you for reading.

Included below are testimonials from several teachers, principals and parents who have watched my performance and enjoyed the benefits of this in-school program.

"Alexis is a wonderful storyteller and performer. His books and music are heartwarming with positive messages and lessons for students. I would highly recommend you have him visit your school.”"
- Laura Hogan, Principal, R.H Cornish P.S

"Amazing performance! My kids loved Alexis’ songs and his energy. He also asked the students great questions that got them engaged. I would definitely recommend you have him visit your school."
- Tanya Buller, Lakeside P.S

"We had the pleasure of having Alexis come to our school and share his stories and songs with our primary division. Alexis was not only ENTERTAINING but kept the attention of all the children with his stories, animation and questions. He was phenomenal and an absolute joy to have as a guest. Highly recommend."
- Sonja Speare FDK, Holy Family C.S.

"Alexis Alexander recently visited my kids’ school and WOW!!! My kids got off the bus with so much to say about their amazing day. They loved all of the animated stories Alexis read to them. He was funny and engaging - my kids felt inspired themselves to write about their own family experiences! As a mom, I’m thrilled with their new interest in reading and writing. Big thanks to Alexis and everyone at Friendly Fables!"
- Crystal Leebody, Parent, Grade 5 and 2


School Book Package
$95 for set of 12
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